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Bubble Dome Staycation In Fermanagh

March 17, 2020

In Autumn last year, we went on a magical staycation in Fermanagh. We stayed in one of the bubble domes in Finn Lough. My beautiful friends got us the stay as a wedding gift – they know us so well. It was a totally unique staycation, with amazing food and one of the best spa experiences I’ve ever had.

The Bubble Dome was so beautiful! I thought I would have trouble sleeping as I HATE the idea of being exposed like that but I was so wrong. I had some of the most restful nights of my life when we were there. The first night we had a clear night so we were just lying in bed looking at millions of stars above us. It was just stunning! On the second night it was raining so we lay there listening to the soothing sound of the raindrops – bliss!

Bubble Dome in Finn Lough, Co. Fermanagh
Views from the bubble dome

What’s In The Bubble Dome?

The bubble dome has a speaker, hair dryer, Nespresso machine and a wind up torch to allow safe travels through the woods. The torches were needed to ensure it was dark enough to see the stars. The bed was unbelievably comfortable and we were given the fluffiest robes I have ever come across in a hotel. There was also an electric blanket in the bed in case the night was chilly – I can’t begin to tell you how nice it is to watch the stars from a toasty bed. So when it came to our room I was happy out, so what about the food?

Roast loin of venison, Finn Lough, Co. Fermanagh


The food in Finn Lough is some of the best I have had when away. The breakfast was fantastic, offering both a beautiful buffet and a hot cooked breakfast from the kitchen. Both nights we absolutely stuffed ourselves with unbelievably delicious dishes . I ate a lot of game on our stay and it didn’t disappoint. The venison in particular was a favourite. On our first night, we were spoiled with some extra sweet treats to congratulate us on our wedding – such a lovely touch.

Desert, Finn Lough, Co. Fermanagh

On the second day, we went out and walked the Stairway To Heaven – how could we staycation in Fermanagh and not give it a visit? The walk is amazing but on the day we did it the heavens opened about 5 minutes into it. I had forgotten my proper rain gear that day so wound up soaked to the skin by the time we got back to the car. It was an amazing walk but I couldn’t have been happier when we got back into the car and remembered that we had booked the ‘Elements Trail’ in the spa in Finn Lough for that afternoon.

The stairway to Heaven, Co. Fermanagh
Stairway To Heaven

Elements Trail

We went to the spa area which is situated in the woods and were given talk through what was to follow. Again, the robe game in the spa was strong, they were weighty and amazing. The Elements Trail consisted of a 20 minute floatation, which was outrageously relaxing. We then walked through the wood for a dry sauna (with a dip in the lake). Another stroll through the woos took us to an aromatherapy sauna. Finally we did an 20 minute hot tub overlooking the lake and then chilled in a relaxation room. My body didn’t know how to cope with those levels of relaxation. We then stuffed our faces in the restaurant again and then back to the bubble dome to curl up and listen to the rain.

If you’re thinking of booking a staycation in Fermanagh I would highly recommend the bubble domes, visit the Finn Lough website to book.

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